« ...  when I discovered Storytelling art I realized that it will be the future of contemporary Art...”

Sabine SAPIA 

Director International Art Fusion Gallery

 STORYTELLING ART movement  builds a bridge between the horizontality of the book and the verticality of the canvas taking the best of both worlds… a new form of art that takes over the sequencing of the comics and the occupation of the contemporary art space…


STORYTELLING ART is a sequential art that can at the same time be read and seen in a comfortable and classical way, forms and codes attributed to comics but used with mediums and dimension of classical painting.


STORYTELLING ART call for the inner super-hero in each one of us…

Engaging super-heroes of our time: all women can relate to the character of Lisa L’Aventura and men appreciate the different universe in which Duke and Cello the two male characters evolve…

Every subject treated in a lighter way but with deepness, keys messages, strong values…

If psychoanalysis has played a huge role in the 50’s, the critic of the consumer society during the POP ART years, the presentations of facts in short or long stories (cinema, advertisement, politics…) leads the today’s artists to mutate into true “film directors” and gives birth to STORYTELLING ART .



« Without any doubt, I would say fusion…By using either on the same plane or progressively various sort of graphism (cubism, impressionism, surrealism, figurative, etc..) the way a movie director would use special effects to tell a story will always be such an exciting challenge for me. »


The painter of the 21st century will be a total filmmaker !



creator of storytelling art